Euroeat introducing RED: new online sales channel


In May we opened new shop & related social media activities on the RED platform! RED is one of the top 5 Chinese e-commerce platforms (Tmall, Pinduoduo,, Kaola, RED) and with this launch, Euroeat is now live in 3 out of 5 top shops: Tmall, & RED, plus in Taobao which comes right behind the top 5. The Chinese name of RED means literally little red book.

RED was originally launched in 2013. It’s main users are women, 18-30 years old from 1st & 2nd tier cities across China. Which matches perfectly with the main Moomin buyer persona. They have more than 300 million users.

RED is a social media and e-commerce platform & users can use it as a social media platform as well as online shop without leaving the platform. Something a bit like Instagram. In the platform, users (and especially, celebrities) are sharing experiences about the products they have used creating further interest towards them. I.e. the marketing & promotion takes place mainly through word of mouth.

Having the Moomin e-commerce shop also on RED platform increases our visibility, visitors & overall awareness of our offering among our main target segment, women between 18-30 years old.

We will report separately a bit more about the RED results later on this year once we have more data & better understanding on its efficiency & reach.

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