New sales category added to Euroeat portfolio! So what?

In driving traffic & visibility to the online stores in China, approved sales categories are of critical importance. With each approved category, we add traffic volumes to our store, and therefore increase our revenues & improve our profitability.

We are therefore extremely happy & proud to inform that just recently we got our eighth category approved (!!!) by Tmall: Home decoration. This will enable us to increase our offering and sales in the category with new Moomin products. Getting us again a bit closer to our sales and profit targets for the year.

In this table below you will see all eight Euroeat approved sales categories.

Getting a category approval is not always a walk in the park. And it is a bit of a chicken & egg dilemma to plan & execute: you don’t get adequate sales revenues without approved categories, but you cannot get categories approved before you have relevant goods to sell. Therefore this whole exercise around categories requires careful planning.

And not all categories are similar, getting the import approval very much depends on the category in question: some categories have much stricter (and time-consuming) requirements than others. Again something to be taken into account when planning exporting & launching new product categories to China’s (online) markets.

In the table below, all remaining Tmall sales categories are listed with comments on special requirements for each.

Interested to know more? Pls contact us here, we would be happy to discuss these & related matters in detail & help you out in getting your products to the Chinese markets.

The Euroeat silk route to China is open for business!

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